1 lb Orginial Mini drops (1 Pound)

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Great Holiday Tewats

9th Dec 2015

This candy is to die for. It is amazingly tasty. Will order every other month.

Great Candy and a Good Price

Zo Brown on 1st Apr 2015

I accidentally found this place while searching for another Bernard's, but I have ordered from them again. I love the mini drops and sent some to a friend in Florida, her co-workers loved them!

Simply Delicious!!!

19th Mar 2015

This product is simply delicious. We have a store here in New Orleans where I am able to purchase the larger ones to the mini-drops. My best friend in New York tasted it and loved it, so I've been shipping her the mini-drops. I would love for you guys to open a store in New York.


Tawanda Kitchen on 26th Nov 2014

It was not the same as the Baker Store purchase....lesser quality.

Ledra & Family Still Loving em!

Ledra Rosaya-May (Baton Rouge native, Kansas City resident) on 20th Aug 2014

I continue to receive a four pound shipment of the mini-drops on a weekly basis and I'm not surprised when my two kids and husband are competing for the last candy a day and a half later. They can't control the melt in your mouth, delectable treats that cancels all willpower to prevent them from eating them all so quickly. It's a good thing they think I only order three-pounds instead. My birthday is August 27th, and I've asked everyone in my extended family to ship me a pound of mini-drops! Let's see if they come through for me. Until next time, keep blessing the world with your wonderful treats......

Words cant express

6th Aug 2014

I purchased 2 of the Mini drops for my co workers here in Dallas. They can't stop complimenting how good the pralines are! Then I ordered Two more and had to control myself.

Ledra loves them!

Ledra Rosaya-May on 24th Jul 2014

I am absolutely addicted to these and now have my kids and husband hooked as well. I just wish I can receive a weekly automatic shipment for a discount. I usually purchase four pounds for the road when I'm visiting home and try to buy as much as I can afford online when I am back in Kansas City. Maybe you guys should think about a frequent buyer's discount.


Schanell on 11th Mar 2014

Currently reading in Houston, Texas, I needed a convenient way to get a taste of home....I'm so happy with the product, the candy to pecan ratio is perfection....